Shed Hunting Is Overrated
"Sure, it's nice to have that piece of history with the buck as it sits in a box, collecting dust and taking up room, making my wife happy, but it's not an essential piece of the puzzle I'm trying to put together."
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Community Giveaway
This holiday season, we are giving back to the community that supports us and keeps our family in business. We know there's someone in our community that is in need of these awesome packages, so we're asking you to help...
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Bobby Kendall and The 201" Illinois Giant
"I got to my Echo Hang On at 11 am despite 35 mph winds. The stand is set-up in a doe bedding area/pinch point, and I was surprised to not bump any does. With the heavy wind and the fact that I didn’t bump anything, I figured the deer were bedded on the back sides of the structure on the north facing slopes out of the wind."
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First Lite Helo Hunt Ready Giveaway
We’ve teamed up with First Lite and Levi Morgan of Bow Life TV to bring you the ultimate whitetail hunter giveaway. Sign up below to win a Limited Edition Specter™ Helo Hunt Ready System, as well as a Transfer Pack...
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