Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors
Echo Hunt Ready System - Novix Outdoors

Echo Hunt Ready System

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The Echo Hunt Ready System includes everything you need to stay mobile in the whitetail woods. The Echo Hang On, 32" Single-Step Climbing Sticks, and Stick Quiver provide an all-in-one package that requires no assembly, so you can be ready to move as soon as this package hits your door.

A portion of all Hero Series proceeds is donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation in support of military families of those lost in battle. Learn more here:

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Product Features

Zero assembly icon

The Hunt Ready System is delivered ready to hunt. Spend less time fumbling nuts and bolts and more time in the field with ZERO assembly required.

Self-level platform icon

The leveling feature on the platform helps you sit in the gnarliest of trees comfortably, leveling the stand front-to-back like your favorite recliner. Adjust the seat angle by spinning the bolt under the seat.

2 point bite icon

Our Offset Bracket allows you to level left-to-right, only needing two points of contact of the six available to stay solidly locked into the tree.

Frost coating icon

Our Frost Coating eliminates shine from otherwise raw aluminum, helping you better blend into the whitetail woods. It also provides texture for better grip in slippery elements.

V bracket icon

The pivoting V-Bracket grips to the tree and rotates, allowing the climbing stick to stay level even on crooked trees, keeping you as safe as possible when climbing.

Made here icon

Every product we produce is done so in the United States, giving you comfort and confidence in the blue-collar, American quality.

Package Includes

  • Echo Hang On Treestand
  • Water Resistant Seat Cushion
  • Four (4) 32" Single-Step Climbing Sticks
  • Stick Quiver
  • Six (6) Cam-Buckle Belts
  • Fall Arrest System
  • Non-Padded Backpack Straps

Product Specifications

Echo Hang On Treestand

  • 11.5 lbs
  • 30” x 19.5” Standing Platform
  • Weight Rating: 300 lbs
  • All-Aluminum Construction

Single-Step Climbing Sticks

  • 32" Long
  • 2.2 lbs (4 Pack weighs 8.8 lbs)
  • Weight Rating: 300 lbs
  • All-Aluminum Construction

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Great Product/Service

Haven’t hunted out of it yet but the quality of the stand is awesome and super lightweight. Not to mention that Movix service has been awesome thus far. I made my order, item shipped that day and I had it in hand the next day. They then called me directly thanking me for the order. I’ve never had that kind of service and so they have me sold on their service alone.

Clyde Gentry (Lafayette, LA)
Great well built stand

Love everything about the stand, this stand will give me a lot of options while in the woods. Pulled stand right out of the box a went up the tree. I like that I don’t have to cut all the limbs off of the tree to climb. Can hardly wait to use it next season. Thanks for being such a great company and you have done everything that you said you would.

Joseph Martin (Buxton, ME)

I think it’s a well build stand but I am giving 4 stars because I think the top teeth need to be more aggressive and more of a narrow shaped v vs a wide shaped v, I noticed when hanging it on the tree the bottom dug in we’ll but the top did not.

Claude Bibeau (L'Epiphanie, QC)

Very good service

David Millard (Clifton Park, NY)
Second mobile setup.

If you’re reading this you’re obviously like me and want to know what others think before you pull the trigger. I’m not a die hard mobile hunter but I think it’s nice incase you need to get closer to the bedroom. Not the lightest but for each pound you take off the stand you’re paying for it. The stick’s literally stick to the tree, the stand is a little tough to get into the tree I recommend the EZ strap for less stressful set up. Quiet setup as well since while I was setting up a doe walked by at 16 yards. And 5 more followed that same trail. Single steps was where I was worried but i found no issues after climbing up and down. Stand is made for a medium/small size tree don’t expect to climb the giant oaks or pines. I could see getting 20-24 feet up in a tree with all stick used no aiders. I walked a mile in the woods and a mile out I noticed the weight toward the end near my truck but that was after an all day sit. A little cumbersome walking through the thick stuff and definitely going to add some stealth stripes to the edges and sticks. (This is all with it strapped to my backpack) as someone who has about 5 days of mobile experience and the hawk mobile set up left a bad taste in my mouth due to safety concerns I would say for the ease of setup for a new comer and the safety as well as the comfort I would recommend this stand 10/10 times. The my final note the stand came within 4 days from ordering.