The Benefits of Cast Aluminum Treestands for Deer Hunting

Sure, you know our treestands are made in America. You probably also know about aluminum and its weight benefits. Still, there's so much more to the casting process that benefits the hard-core whitetail hunter and why this process is so essential in a quality treestand.

1. Noise: The first and possibly most important factor is noise. The casting process creates one solid platform, meaning no assembly, no welding, and no bent tubing. All this adds up to one thing: silence. The main noise-maker in creaky treestands is metal-on-metal welds that weaken over time and get noisy when the temperatures drop. Having a solid piece of aluminum as our platform eliminates noise when hanging and adjusting, even in frigid temperatures.

The other factor in noise lies in connection points and tolerances. The casting process allows us to be extremely precise with our tolerances on hinge points like the seat and platform leveling. Pair that with our American-Made quality bolts and washers, and our treestands are virtually silent.

Novix cast aluminum treestand

2. Precision: Novix is known for thought-out innovation and attention to detail. When designing our platforms, every detail matters and the casting process allows us to follow through on these minor details that all work together. An excellent example of this is the rounded edges of our platform.

Because our stands are poured and cast from aluminum, as opposed to cutting, we can eliminate sharp edges and inconsistent cuts. These precise edges allow us to add features like our Frost Grips that give better traction to the platform and give our platform a lip around the outside for positional awareness without glancing down.

3. Efficiency: Unlike other methods, the casting process eliminates aluminum waste when casting treestands. Although material waste is inevitable when creating such precise and detailed platforms, the casting process allows us to re-use that waste, improving efficiency and resulting in a quicker turnaround for the end product. If there is a minor problem with a platform, we can melt it down, re-pour, and start over. This saves a tremendous amount of time in production and helps us provide the best possible version for the end consumer.

Worker stirring aluminum

4. Longevity: We aim to create products that can be passed down to generations of hunters, and the casting process is a significant factor in making that happen. A solid piece of aluminum means zero rust, zero welds, and the most durable platform possible. Because of the casting process, our treestands last a lifetime.

"At the end of the day, I have a family to come home to. I'm up 20, 30 feet in the air on something, it's gotta be built the best it can be built. And that's something that I think we accomplish at Novix."

- Jeff Weaver, Vice President