Why American Made with Shawn Luchtel

To me, American Made carries so much value. More value now than ever before, at least in my lifetime. With supply chain issues building over the last couple of years, most products from overseas seem to have the most problems. It can be frustrating “saving a buck” on a foreign manufactured item when you find out it will take multiple weeks or even months to be available in stock.
That said, it’s even more crucial to purchase American Made. Novix prides itself on being ‘Made Here’ as it should. As Americans, we should pride ourselves when buying American Made. I understand it’s not possible in every transaction, but when possible, one should try to make an effort to spend their money with American manufacturers. It helps in many ways that some might not realize.
Shawn grabbing a novix treestand out of an ATV
The pride I get when purchasing American Made is knowing I am ensuring existing/future jobs here on American soil.  I also have a much higher expectation of the quality. In this day in age, you get what you pay for; when spending those extra funds on an American Made product, I often know I won’t have to spend it again as the quality lasts. I can’t say the same for many low-quality foreign goods I have purchased multiple times over the years.
Shawn with a buck he killed
Bottom line, Novix is that brand that breathes the sense of American Pride I feel most of our manufacturing has lost over the last couple of decades.
- Shawn Luchtel, Heartland Bowhunter
@shawn_luchtel, @heartlandbowhunter