Treestand Set Up and Summer Prep with Emily Schaad

There is something to be said for having a light weight, silent, compact, and mobile stand system for bow hunting. Over the years all the struggles of bulky, heavy, noisy stands, and a lot of aggravation led me to Novix. 

Being completely honest, it’s hard for me to choose between the Helo and the Echo because both stands have proved to be significantly beneficial to me depending on the hunting scenario. I prefer the larger platform Echo stand with the Double-Step climbing sticks in situations where I’m going to have a more stationary stand setup for a longer period of time, whether that being over a particular food source or in an area where year after year I’ve had repeated success. 

The smaller more compact Helo and the Single-Step climbing sticks is my go to for last minute changes in my hunting plans. Whether a buck has moved to a different area on a whim, hitting a new camera, or daylighting for the first time during a particular streak of red moon days; when I have to make a change fast, having the compact, back packable Helo ready to go is a must. Being able to have that quick and quiet hang and hunt option can be the difference in capitalizing on a once in a lifetime buck or missing out.  

Over the past few years I’ve learned that being mobile during bow season changes the game in out smarting mature bucks. Over pressuring one particular stand or one given area can quickly ruin your season. I prefer to be mobile during early season hunts when bucks still have multiple food sources and acorns are dropping. I can quickly move in on whatever food source bucks prefer at a given time. Being mobile during the rut is an absolute must. If you can’t be mobile during this time you’re missing opportunities!


With all of that being said preparing for fall in the summer is key. Summer is an extremely busy time for me, between shooting 3D (for real life hunting scenarios),  pulling all my Novix stands out of storage and getting things organized, running cameras, minerals, putting in food plots, mowing, scouting, cutting shooting lanes, and getting several of my Novix stands up and in place before the opener, the work never stops. Being prepared ahead of time allows me to have a lot more confidence going into bow season and gives me a better chance at harvesting the giant I’m after. 


- Emily Schaad