How To: Set Up for Hang and Hunting with Jared Mills

Hang and hunting for me is one of those things where - it's way more effort, takes way more time, and it can be pretty frustrating if you don't have the right setup. I would venture to say at least 75% of my hunts each season are mobile hang and hunts, just because I've seen the effectiveness of it. Over the years, having that element of surprise on my side - being able to be mobile and move around depending on a certain bucks core area, has really paid off.

The climbing sticks that I pair with the Novix Helo are a combination. It's a little bit unique - I run four climbing sticks, three of which are the single step. I like the single step because they're a little bit lighter, and have a little bit smaller form factor than the doubles, but I do add one double step stick to the mix. So three singles, one double.

The reason for that is I always like to have a double step at the top of where I'm hanging my stand. Packing this combination is quite easy. I pack the double stick on top of the three singles, then right into the stick quiver that attaches to the back of the stand. 

So that's my whitetail hang and hunt set up. If you haven't tried that method hunting, I'd highly recommend it. It can be very, very effective. Just make sure you're using the right gear.

- Jared Mills, Midwest Whitetail

See the video on Jared's Set Up here: